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History and Technical Issues of Early Photographic Processes


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The Beginnings of Photography


Nineteenth Century Photography: Stereoscopic Photography. Printing on Albumenized Paper.


A History of Photography From Its Beginnings till the 1920’s by Robert Leggat


The Daguerreian Society


The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype Portrait: 1839-1860


Library of Congress Web Site titled America’s First Look Into the Camera: Daguerreotype Portraits and Views 1839-1864.


History of Photography: A Guide to Research

Provided by Rochester Institute of Technology, a list of recommend primary and secondary source materials for the study of photographic history.


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By Lucille Grant

Antiques & Collecting Magazine:  Oct99, Vol. 104 Issue 8, p28, 5p, 11bw.

Covers the history of photography including the development of the camera and the various processes used to develop prints such as the daguerreotype, calotype, collodion, and cyanotype. Also, includes the early use of studio portraits and famous studio photographers of that era.


By Tim Crothers                             

Sports Illustrated, Winter 2000, Vol. 92 Issue 8, p115, 4p, 10c.


Two photographers for Sports Illustrated Magazine, with a fascination for the technique of 3-D stereoscopic photography, use the process for a modern day shoot. Covers the history and development of three-dimensional photography from 1832 to its present day usage.



PHOTOGRAPHY – “Technology that recorded the moment takes its place in history”

Edited by: GUN JAN SINHA

Popular Science, Nov97, Vol. 251 Issue 5, p10, 2p, 6c, 4bw.


The Popular Science Magazine reviews the events in the history of photography as presented in various issues of their magazine.



“Article by courtesy of the Johannesburg Art Gallery where a permanent exhibition illustrating the wide range of printing techniques may be viewed.”

Lantern: Autumn95, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p73, 3p, 4bw.


An outline of the various photographic processes invented in Europe and the United States, how the process worked and how each one was used.



By Nicole Lucas and Jean Beauchesne

American Photo, Mar/Apr99, Vol. 10 Issue 2, p50, 1/3p, 1bw


The discovery made in France in1989 of an 1837 photograph taken by Daguerre believed to be the first photograph of a person.



By Dennis Karwatka

Tech Directions, Feb99, Vol. 58 Issue 7, p8, 2/3p, 1bw


A biography and history of Daguerre, his discovery is the process, and his association with Joseph Niece.